Moldova's Constitutional Court declares Maia Sandu's re-nomination of the same candidate as PM unconstitutional

by Romanian Reporter - Wednesday, February 24, 2021 2:39 PM

Moldova's Constitutional Court declares Maia Sandu's re-nomination of the same candidate as PM unconstitutional

The decree of Moldova's pro-European president, Maia Sandu, issued on February 11, regarding the repeated nomination of Natalia Gavrilita as Prime Minister was declared unconstitutional. The decision was ruled by the Constitutional Court on February 23, which reviewed the complaint of several socialists MPs in this matter.

The PM-designate, Natalia Gavrilita, was nominated by Sandu to form Moldova's government after the resignation at the end of 2020 of former PM, Ion Chicu, who motivated his decision by the need for early elections in the parliament.

After Chicu's resignation, the Constitutional Court said that the parliament cannot dissolve itself and that the president must nominate a prime minister candidate. If Sandu refuses to nominate someone, the parliament can suspend her from the president's office.

Maia Sandu, who is the former leader of the main opposition party, pro-European PAS (Action and Solidarity Party), said at the time that PAS MPs will not back Gavrilita's nomination, aiming to trigger early parliamentary elections, in an effort to shift the parliament's activities, in which the pro-Russian Socialist Party (PSRM) of the former president Igor Dodon, is still the largest party.

After the parliament rejected Gavrilita's cabinet on February 11 and new consultations with political parties, Maia Sandu decided to nominate Natalia Gavrilita again for the PM role, declaring that she was unconvinced by the nomination made by the newly formed parliamentary majority led by PSRM, which includes also MPs from Sor Party and MPs from former Democratic Party led by Vlad Plahotniuc.

The re-nomination led to the request made by the Socialists to analyze the constitutionality of Sandu's decision and yesterday's Court decision. The president must hold now new consultations with parliamentary parties in order to reach an agreement on a nomination of a prime minister candidate.

In a press briefing held shortly after the announcement of the Court's decision, Maia Sandu reiterated her goal to reach early parliamentary elections. She said she will do anything in her power to attain it, even if this might cost her the presidency. Maia Sandu said that she expects Moldova's citizens to express their views for their and the country's future either at the early parliamentary elections or at a referendum (regarding the president's removal from office).

Photo: Maia Sandu / Facebook

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