Lockheed Martin delivers first of the three HIMARS systems acquired by Romania

by Romanian Reporter - Monday, February 22, 2021 2:23 PM

Lockheed Martin delivers first of the three HIMARS systems acquired by Romania

The main elements of the first High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), a light multiple rocket launcher manufactured by Lockheed Martin (US), arrived on February 20, in Constanta harbor. Romania becomes the first NATO country, apart from the US, to operate the HIMARS launchers.

According to a press release of the Ministry of National Defence (MApN), the equipment will be transported to the Romanian Armed Forces' 81st Tactical Operational Missile Battalion „Maior Gheorghe Șonțu” in Focsani, where it will be tested and accepted for use.

The HIMARS systems' acquisition from the United States was established by Law no. 46/2018 from February 2018, regarding the improvement of Romania's indirect fire support capability. The document states the acquisition of 3 systems, with 18 launching installations each. The purchase includes also ammunition, control elements, sensors,  logistic support, maintenance, cryptographic and special equipment, as well as training for the operating staff.

The HIMARS launcher is installed on a wheeled chassis and can accommodate up to six rockets with a range up to 150 km, or one MGM-140 ATCMS (300 km). The contract stipulates also the acquisition of 81 M31A1 Guided Unitary MLRS and 81 M30A1 GMLRS Alternative Warhead rockets, as well as 54 ATACMS rockets.

Romania paid $1.5 billion for the equipment, which is seen as a crucial part of the terrestrial artillery system. Due to their interoperability, the launchers can be made available to NATO to fulfill the commitments assumed by Romania within the Alliance and regional initiatives.





Photos: MApN

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