Iveco Defence Vehicles to build a factory 70 km from Bucharest for the assembly of high mobility military vehicles

by Romanian Reporter - Friday, January 22, 2021 5:38 PM

Iveco Defence Vehicles to build a factory 70 km from Bucharest for the assembly of high mobility military vehicles

The factory will be located in Petresti, Dambovita country, next to the A1 Bucuresti - Pitesti highway. As part of a framework agreement including more than 2.900 high mobility trucks, Iveco Defence Vehicles, in partnership with Geo-Sting, is establishing a manufacturing site for the assembly of high mobility tactical and logistic military vehicles.

The first contract with the Romanian Army, which was signed in 2016, will bring the Italian concern over €216 million in revenues for the delivery of 942 trucks. The contract stipulates that beginning with truck number 301, all vehicles will be manufactured in Romania, under the new legal entity that will operate the plant - Iveco Defence Vehicles Romania.

The Petresti factory will have an area of about 9.000 sq. meters and an estimated capacity of 440 trucks per year. The total area on which the factory will be built, of 45.000 sq. meters, will allow future expansion and development of other assembly lines.

The Romanian Army purchased from Iveco 57 military trucks in 2015  and another 173 in 2017. According to the company, the trucks built for MApN are vehicles from the Iveco High Mobility range with 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8 traction, in 16 different types. A third of the vehicles will be equipped with protected cabs.

Iveco military vehicles acquisition, part of a 10-year modernization plan of the Army

According to the former PM, Ludovic Orban, who attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the assembly line dedicated to the Romanian Armed Forces, back in August 2020, the investment in the Iveco factory is estimated at €50 million. The company will create in the first phase around 200 direct jobs and, through its contracts with local suppliers, additional indirect jobs. 

The contract for the Iveco Defence vehicles is part of a 10-year endowment program for the Romanian Army, valued at RON90 billion (over €18 billion), aiming to develop the defensive capabilities and to increase the army's capacity to face any challenges.

The construction of the Iveco factory is set to be completed in August 2022. According to the contract, the series production of the vehicles is expected to begin in February 2021 with an estimated productive capacity of up to 440 units per year, counting also on the production support of Iveco Defence Vehicles’ Italian plants.

Iveco Defence Vehicles is a company based in Bolzano, Italy, which develops and manufactures innovative specialized vehicles for defense and peacekeeping missions as well as for civil protection applications. The company is part of C​NH Industrial, a global leader in capital goods that implements design, manufacturing, distribution, commercial and financial activities in international markets.​​, with more than 63.000 employees in 67 manufacturing plants and 56 research and development centers in 180 countries.

Photo: ​​Iveco Defence Vehicles

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