Euronews to launch new channel Euronews Romania, hires Editor in Chief

by Romanian Reporter - Thursday, January 21, 2021 7:25 PM

Euronews to launch new channel Euronews Romania, hires Editor in Chief

After recently announcing the launch of Euronews Romania in partnership with Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti (UPB), the Euronews group is looking for an experienced journalist to fulfill the first role opened for the future news channel - Editor in Chief.

Applications are open on the Euronews website and the closing date is programmed to be Sunday, 7 February 2021, at 23.59 CET. The editor-in-chief will be recruited by Euronews and will be a Euronews employee.

On January 6, Euronews announced that it signed an agreement with the UPB concerning the launch of Euronews Romania, a new, independent news channel, targeted at Romanian customers. The TV channel will deliver local, regional, national, and international news through TV and digital platforms. 

The English version of Euronews is already available to millions of Romanian customers, but the new project aims to bring a relevant mix of European news broadcasted in the Romanian language. Euronews will distribute content to Euronews Romania, which will be transmitted along with the original content created by the local editorial team. At the same time, Euronews will use the local content in its articles related to Romania.

The news channel will be built upon the already existing UPB Sigma TV channel, operated by the university. Mihnea Costoiu, the UPB chancellor, informed that the new channel will "focus on European topics and values", while the target deadline for the channel go-live, including the obtaining of CNA license (National Council for Broadcasting), is set as the end of this year.

Euronews Romania will have its team of journalists and reporters across Romania, but also in Brussels, who will share the Euronews values, such as independence, impartiality, and an "All Views" editorial policy, according to the UPB press release. At the moment of launching, the team count will be about 100 employees.


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