New Parliament validated yesterday, after the governmental coalition agreement between PNL, USR-PLUS and UDMR was signed

by Romanian Reporter - Tuesday, December 22, 2020 4:08 PM

New Parliament validated yesterday, after the governmental coalition agreement between PNL, USR-PLUS and UDMR was signed

After the parliamentary elections from December 6, the center right-wing parties (PNL - 25%, USR-PLUS - 15%, and UDMR - 6%) started the negotiation for a governmental coalition which would mean the first center ring-wing majority in Romanian Parliament since 2012.  Although the negotiations regarding the government program are still ongoing, the coalition agreement was signed yesterday and the new Parliament members were validated, as well as the speakers of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

The coalition parties have agreed at the end of the two-week negotiation on the structure of the new Government which will ask for the Parliament vote in the next period, as well as on the candidates for the roles of Prime Minister and the Chamber of Deputies and Senate speakers.

The proposed Prime Minister is the current Minister of Finance Florin Cîțu (PNL), while the former PM, Ludovic Orban (PNL) was already validated as the new speaker of the Chamber of Deputies. Anca Dragu (USR-PLUS), former Minister of Finance in 2016, became the first woman to lead the upper chamber of the Romanian Parliament.

The new government will have 18 ministries, led by the PM Florin Cîțu. Half of the ministries will be managed by representatives of the National Liberal Party, while 6 will go to the URS-PLUS alliance (which will participate for the first time in its history in a government structure), and 3 ministries will be led by the Democratic Union of the Hungarians (UDMR).

Although the names of the candidates are not yet officially announced, according to, there is already a list prepared by all three coalition parties.

PNL Ministers:

  1. National Defence: Nicolae Ciucă
  2. Foreign Affairs: Bogdan Aurescu
  3. Finance: Alexandru Nazare
  4. Internal Affairs: Lucian Bode
  5. Education: Sorin Cîmpeanu
  6. Labor and Social Protection: Raluca Turcan
  7. Energy: Virgil Popescu
  8. Agriculture: Adrian Oros
  9. Culture: Bogdan Gheorghiu

URS-PLUS Ministers:

  1. Chief of Prime Minister's Office: Victor Giosan
  2. Deputy PM: Dan Barna
  3. Investments and European Projects: Cristian Ghinea
  4. Transportation: Cătălin Drulă
  5. Health: Vlad Voiculescu
  6. Justice: Stelian Ion
  7. Research, Innovation and Digitalization - Ciprian Teleman
  8. Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism: Claudiu Năsui.

UDMR Ministers:

  1. Deputy PM: Kelemen Hunor
  2. Development, Public Works and Administration - Cseke Attila
  3. Environment, Waters and Forests - Tánczos Barna
  4. Youth and Sports - Novak Eduard

PSD, in opposition after two parliamentary cycles

The Social Democrats, who received the largest number of votes and parliamentary seats (30%), will not participate in the future government, as they had no viable options for the forming of a majority coalition in Parliament. The party leader Marcel Ciolacu has already announced that they will provide a fierce opposition to the governmental coalition.

The same thing will do the new entrant in the Romanian Parliament and the political radar in general, the Alliance for the Union of the Romanians (AUR), which provided the biggest surprise of the elections, amassing 10% of the parliamentary seats without a clear political program. The party leader, a civic activist in favor of the unification of Romania and Moldova, George Simion, manage to raise the party's popularity through conspiracy theories and anti-mask propaganda.

Photo: Parlamentul Romaniei / Facebook

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